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Welcome to Uncommon Rooms, a Madeline Moss Company’s Website. Use of it and/or purchase from it, our stores, by phone or email, constitutes your agreement to and acceptance of all terms and conditions detailed herein and elsewhere on site:

Intellectual Property and Ownership

Madeline Moss is the exclusive owner of all images, designs, photography and text. Any use or reproduction of it is permitted only after expressed written consent by Madeline Moss or her Agent. Madeline Moss does not solicit or accept ideas, suggestions, designs or product from any other source via this website, email or conversation. Other than when specifically requested or encouraged (i.e., contest or game), no claims may be made against Madeline Moss for any contributions forwarded via these means, regardless of claims of receipt or not or similarity in product, design or idea.

Warranties and Guarantees

Madeline Moss makes no guarantees regarding use or wear of product purchased herein. We do guarantee that you shall receive the product as ordered, as is, and if available. We are not responsible for any delay that may occur; you are still bound by the order terms and conditions. Occasionally, a product may not be available and in that case, money paid shall be refunded or re-directed if desired. Our liability is limited in all respects only to money paid for it. We also are not liable for non-performance or poor or error-free performance, of the website. Our information herein, including design tips and blogs, are provided for your use at your own discretion and risk. Madeline Moss makes no guarantees as to their effectiveness or usefulness in the setting.

Errors and Omissions

While we strive for accurate and error free information and product, occasionally an error or omission may result. In that case, we will inform you of the misinformation and correct the error. We are not bound by the error but reserve the right to adjust as necessary. Before receipt, you have the right to opt out of the purchase or continue with the new information.


Madeline Moss does not offer personal information gathered on its website to any other source. We do use email garnered to inform of sales, product and events.

Hold Harmless

You agree to Hold Harmless Madeline Moss from all claims other than Gross Negligence or Willful Misconduct. Madeline Moss is limited in liability in all cases for all reasons only to price paid for product.

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